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Vitrum :: Ash App by DrDoomy Vitrum :: Ash App by DrDoomy

Edit 1: I changed her color scheme and Orignal form markings haha. I only made her purple because it was a 'I have no idea what kind of markings/color to make you so let's make you like all my other hellhound ocs okay' moment. But I decided to go with a a more natural approach. Oh and changed her eye colors they were bugging me also lkjasdf.



Aaah I've actually been flip flopping really bad whether I should fill out an app for y'alls group or not. I absolutely suck at humans (as you can blatantly tell) but you guys had to go and put Hellhounds on the species list. YOU HAD TO PUT THAT THERE. YOU HAD TO TEMPT ME. WITH MY FAVORITE MYTHICAL CREATURE. WHRY.

Also wow a girl what's this. Oddly I feel more comfortable drawing human girls? Pffft. Idk prolly cause most of my human OCs are female hahaha.

But eh, joining a human group would prolly help me practice them more so. :'D

Also since I decided to join CD anyways I needed another to even out my groups shhhh.

Aaaaaah info later when I feel like it lkjasdff Okay information done. :3c Though I still may add tid-bits here and there as I think of them until the opening. :3c


:bulletpurple:Name: Ash Blackburn

:bulletpurple:Age: 19 (133)

:bulletpurple:Gender: Female

:bulletpurple:Species: Hellhound

:bulletpurple:House: Thallium


:bulletgreen:Memory: Ash has an incredible memory. She's able to remember names, faces, ages, any other details other may share with her even just once. As well as anything she's ever read or been told. This is one of the reason's she's so intelligent to begin with.

:bulletgreen:Hearing/Sense of Smell: Due to being a 'hound' after all, she has exceptionally good hearing and a sense of smell. It's better in her original form, but it's above average for her human form.

:bulletgreen:Fire/Heat Resistance: Being a hellhound, she naturally has fire abilities. She can withstand high temperatures, and it would take a lot to actually burn her. She gets out more during the summer months as well. Being less of a shut in during then.

:bulletgreen:High Body Temperature: Being a canine her body temperature is higher than you're average human, plus being a hellhound makes it even higher. This allows her to keep herself warm during cold weather, as long as it isn't too cold. *see more under Weaknesses: Cold Weather

:bulletgreen:Curious/Always Willing to Learn: Her thirst for knowledge will never be satiated. She always wants to know more. And is always willing to do whatever it will take to learn. She'll spend hours reading up on new discovers or on past events.

:bulletgreen:Nightvision: To a degree, she can see very well in the dark.


:bulletgreen:Lazy: Aside from learning, she's really lazy when it comes to anything else. Learning doesn't require her to physically exert herself in any way.

:bulletgreen:Too Curious: While it is good she wants to learn A LOT, sometimes it can be overwhelming. And she'll spend too much time studying, then end up not getting enough sleep or not sleeping at al. Thus impairing her in class and during the day of course.

:bulletgreen:Anti-Social: As stated elsewhere, she is a extreme shut in. She rarely leaves the comfort of her room to do other things besides class, and get food. This causes her to be really anti-social when it comes to interacting with others. She rarely gets out and hangs out with friends. She's quite the loner for the most part.

:bulletgreen:Water: It's not that she can't swim, but being a fire-based creature, water definitely isn't a friend to her.

:bulletgreen:Cold Weather: This falls into the whole being a fire-creature thing. Cold weather is also something that slows her down. While she's capable of keeping herself warm in the cold on her own, it still can affect her if it gets too cold.

:bulletgreen:Technologically Challenged: Surprisingly, even with her smarts, new technology can confuse her. Since she never had much experience with it. She can use a computer to do basic things such as research, or call/text someone on a cellphone, but anything more advanced than that she has no idea what to do.

:bulletgreen:Lack of Fire Control: Even though she's fairly older, she never tried to use her fire abilities much, so still can't control them all that much. So you should probably keep you're distance if you ever catch her practicing.

:bulletgreen:Cats: Being a 'canine' after all she may suddenly start chasing cats or cat-like students. :stare:


Ash is a bit of a nerd. And a shut in. She'll usually stay within her room, reading books or other things. She's not a super social person, but will be so when necessary. Such as receiving a 'partner' assignment and other things. But for the most part she's kind of a loner. Preferring to do things on her own. Since she believes that her way is far superior to yours. Outside of her studies however, she's kind of lazy. She doesn't care a whole ton about her appearance as you can probably tell. And she's definitely not one for sports and other physical activities. At least in human form that is, since she's a canine she can run and do such things in hellhound form naturally without much problem.


Ash's family lived in England, somewhere in the country side. Her parent's owned a graveyard of all things, and they were capable of disguising themselves as humans well enough to do the business and what not their graveyard needed. Though they were rarely seen by 'mortals' and only did what they needed when they could. As well as owning the graveyard, they had 3 children, Ash is the oldest of the three. They lived in a large house near the graveyard itself.

Ash and her siblings stayed home most of the time, not allowed to venture outside since they did not know how to disguise themselves as they were young. At least young for Hellhounds. Being 'hounds' they aged like dogs, but a little differently. For every 7 'real years' they would age 1 'human' year in a sense. So as you would assume their parent's had owned the graveyard for many years. This is why they hid themselves from the mortals as well as possible, so that no one would be suspicious of them 'never aging' in a sense.

Being hellhounds however, they were the keepers of the graveyard after all. This was the main thing Ash's parents taught her and her siblings. They would patrol the graveyard at night. Protect it from grave robbers, and other things. Naturally their little graveyard grew to get a reputation of being 'haunted' by these hounds. Her parent's never put much thought about what the mortals said. It just kept most of them away, after all. Which was the whole point.

Outside of being in her hellhound form, Ash did have other things she enjoyed doing. Other goals. She didn't want to spend her whole life just roaming around a bunch of graves. Or even inheriting the place. Her siblings showed much more interest in that, and it's not a responsibility she wanted. She wanted to well, learn. She enjoyed reading, and learning new things about the world around us. She loved learning about new technologies that were being discovered. It all interested her.

Her parent's of course noticed this. They did homeschool them, but only the basics they thought they would need to learn. Reading, writing, basic math skills, etc. Things such as that. But Ash always wanted more. And always asked why. Why does this equal that? Why did this happen? Why does that happen? She was always one to ask questions. She wanted to know more.

And she did learn more. She would always spend her extra time reading books, and other things. And you can imagine how much she was capable of learning on all the years she lived. Even though for a mythical being it wasn't that long, but in terms of human knowledge, it was a lot. Her parent's only wished they could do more to help her. Then they finally had found out about a school that should could actually attend...


:bulletgreen: She enjoys reading, if it wasn't obvious.

:bulletgreen: Aside from reading, she likes watching documentaries and other things. But regular movies she doesn't really enjoy unless they were based on real events.

:bulletgreen: Even though she's mostly a shut in, she likes going out in her Hellhound form for a good run every now and then. But usually this is only in the late evening/night, since less people are around then, aside from Werewolves and Vampires, and other night dwellers.

:bulletgreen: She actually knows how to sew a little bit. Mainly because she has those back spikes, thus they rip holes in all of her tops. So she has to sew them so they're custom fit to her spikes.


:bulletgreen: Her age was decided using 'dog years' but backwards. 7 real years equal into 1 'human' form year.

:bulletgreen: Her horns and spikes are metallic like.

:bulletgreen: Her eyes glow in the dark.

:bulletgreen: Her tail is prehensile. Meaning she can control it and pick things up with it and such.

:bulletgreen: She likes wearing sweaters and things like them. Especially if they're too big for her. Not just an excuse to get me out of drawing hands nope.

:bulletgreen: Has a bit of a British accent.

:bulletgreen: Her names is Ash, not Ashley. Don't call her that. >:c

:bulletgreen: Her 2 younger siblings are actually twin boys.
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