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Armonia :: Teivel App (New) by DrDoomy Armonia :: Teivel App (New) by DrDoomy

:new:6/2/2014: I was waiting til his birthday was shown on the groups front page to update him but it was never added so I waited and now I'm late updating him oh well. I was a bit excited to see what would've been said about him but it's too late now I guess. But yeh, update for his birthday.

Edit 6: 2/18/2014: Added something to extras, fixed him moveset with the new move rules, changed one of his 'main' moves back to Shadow Sneak.

Edit 5: 1/29/2014: Wynaut.

Edit 4: 11/13/2013: Welp guess he's getting the new look haha.

Edit 3: 10/9/2013: New art, made the tape thingy part of his permanent design.

Edit 2: Bought another moveset change for him. Now he knows Night Shade instead of Shadow Sneak (I seriously had the hardest time understanding how to logically make him use Shadow Sneak anyways. And it was meant to kind of represent a part of his orignal concept, being sneaky in a sense. Plus I put him in the Contest class, which I figured he'd need another move that would seem decent for that.)

Edit 1: So I guess I should be more patient cause the minute I uploaded this I got the note about the prefect medal. kaljdfa so that's been added now~

Oops, look who gets overly excited about new applications aha.
I s'pose I could also make a :icongottagofastplz: joke but naaaah.

Anyways, updated app for Tei~ Updated description deets too. The only 'major' thing that changed was his Summary Charactersitic, which really isn't all that major. It was "Thoroughly Cunning", as that was kind of his original concept, but it's changed. A lot. So now it's 'Quick to Flee' which totes fits this pathetic little spider pffft. I also took out a couple of his extra's cause they were pointless/forgotten most of the time.

As for the stats, I actually did look up like, Ariados stats but their attacks were really high and speed was low and like, Tei is a wimp his attack can't be high. D: And I mean srsly he has 4 legs really speed. Really.

I actually drew up his accessories earlier today, too, in prep for the new app which I knew was coming out soon. >v<

I did use the same app art as he already had, though. But, I only recently changed that anyways, and it would've seemed a little redundant to draw up a new one so soon. He'll probably get a new one eventually, of course. But for now that'll be it. Same goes for Lance, I'm working on his app right now haha. I did use the same BG here as on his original app too, cause, I don't know what else to do how do creative bgs.

Umm yeah. /o/

:bulletpurple:Name: Teivel "Tei" Ragno

:bulletpurple:Age: 18 19 20

:bulletpurple:Level: 35

:bulletpurple:Gender: Male

:bulletpurple:Pokemon: Ariados

:bulletpurple:Birthday: June 1st

:bulletpurple:Height: 6' 8"

:bulletpurple:Weight: 230 lbs (I actually looked up how much Drider's weigh okay. >:V It's all that butt fat. /shot to death/ I went with the smallest weight though cause he's pathetic.)

:bulletpurple:Nature: Modest

:bulletpurple:Ability: Insomnia [Prevents sleep.]

:bulletpurple:Hometown: Black City


Tei's a pretty nice guy, really. He's usually really helpful, and very caring, especially to Pokemon younger/smaller then him. At least, when they're not totally freaked out by him. Being a giant spider sure can be a pain sometimes, and he's constantly worrying that when he meets someone new they'll be scared of him. Which isn't what he wants to do! Though, he's also a nervous wreck. He's always worried about something or someone, or that he'll end up hurting someone or making them mad at something he's done. Being a poisonous spider after all... accidents could happen.

((Sob his history is really icky and I plan on changing it eventually don't read this.))

Tei grew up on the streets of Black City. His parent's were not the best parents. From the moment he was hatched, he was on his own quite often. He didn't even know what his parent's did for a living. He only knew that... they were never home. As a small, baby Spinarak, he did have a babysitter. But as he got older, and was more capable of fending for himself, his parent's decided he no longer needed someone watching over him. He was left at home, alone. He had nothing to do at home. Except for a small radio his parent's never used. He wasn't quite sure how it worked. But eventually figured it out. And the sounds that came from it... he enjoyed this. It kept him occupied. Voices, music, singing... it made him feel less alone. It made him feel as though he actually had someone there with him. And at that moment, his love for music began.

Tei started exploring the streets more and more as he got even older. The streets intrigued him. He saw such a variety of other Pokemon. And then he saw them. It was two Pokemon. A Liepard playing Guitar, and a Krokorok on a set of drums. Around them was a crowd. Teivel pushed his way through the crowd, and got a closer look at them. In front of them was a hat of sorts, and various Pokemon would throw money it from time to time. He stayed there all day. He stayed until the crowds had gone. It was rather late by then. The two Pokemon noticed young Tei. He was quite interested in what they did. And the fact they got paid for it. Paid to create such wonderful music.

The Liepard and the Krokorok liked this kid. Introducing themselves, the Liepard's went by Chet, and the Krokorok went by Jae. Taking Tei under their wing, they taught him how to play instruments. Mainly the Bass, but he also learned a few others. Teijoined their band. This band was, to him, the family he never had. And they split the money they earned each day. He used this money to help buy himself personal things. His parent's slowly got suspicious of how he was getting these things. Given that they were never around, they would notice these things when they did get to see their son. Tei however was quite oblivious to his parent's suspicions. And it remained that way for quite sometime.

One day, while the band was packing up for the night, a dark figure came out of nowhere. Tei saw the figure before Jae of Chet. The figure was heading right towards Chet, who counting up the day's money. It must've been after their haul for the day. Teivel quickly knocked the figure out of the way, just before it reached Chet. A small scuffle ensued, but the figure retreated when he realized he was out numbered. After this... Teivel evolved. The adrenaline of the scuffle must've have done it. Chet and Jae were happy for their friend. And when he returned home, his parent's were curious, but choose against asking him what had happened, not really wanting to know.

As time went on, Chet and Jae slowly took notice to Tei natural cunning abilities. He was a very smooth talker. And ever since taking him in, they had gotten more money than ever before. Chet and Jae devised a plan. They used Teivel to con other Pokemon. Tei thought he was helping his new 'family.' He did what they told him. And people would give them money, items, and whatever Tei could con off of them. He could talk them out of it, or even gave them a sob story sad enough for them to feel bad for him. Though, the sob stories were usually the truth, in some ways. Twisted slightly with Chet's suggestions.

One con... took a turn for the worse though. Teivel was pulling one on an older gentleman Infernape. And after getting the cash out of him, the man revealed himself to be a Detective. Tei was surprised, but didn't resist. He knew what he was doing was wrong. He looked around, for any sign of Chet or Jae. He looked at where they were supposed to be. They weren't there. They weren't anywhere to be seen. They would come and bail him out. Right? He just couldn't see them, right? He was so full of doubt, he felt betrayed. But he had to just hope.

After being arrested, he was able to contact his parents. Thankfully they were home. And thankfully they came down to bail him out. The police knew this kid had been conning folks for awhile now, and they were well aware of Chet and Jae. Unfortunately the only one that could take the blame was Tei. His parent's begged for him to not being put in jail or the like. Since this was Tei's first offense. And the fact that he was still a teenager (a few weeks he would be 18 though), they let him go. Only to give his parent's a word of advice. He actions very well could have been a call for attention. A need to be recognized. Or just the influence of this city. They gave his parent's various pamphlets of private schools and other facilities they could send their son. They would be much more stable environments. One of the pamphlets was for Armonia, and bot his parent's agreed that this would be a wonderful place to send their son. After a few months of consideration, they finally sent in an application for him.

:bulletpurple:Summary Characteristic: Quick to Flee


:bulletred: Teivel loves music. He loves listening to it, and creating it. He also likes to write songs.

:bulletred: On top of writing songs, he sometimes writes poetry. Though he won't let anyone read those.

:bulletred: He has a secret love of fashion. He loves buying clothes, and even giving people fashion tips sometimes.

:bulletpurple:Moveset: (Main moves are in Bold.)

Level Up
:iconnormaltypeplz: Scary Face [The user frightens the target with a scary face to harshly reduce its Speed stat.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Constrict [The target is attacked with long, creeping tentacles or vines. It may also lower the target's Speed stat.]
:iconbugtypeplz: Leech Life [The user drains the target's blood. The user's HP is restored by half the damage taken by the target.]
:iconghosttypeplz: Night Shade [Inflicts damage equal to the user's level.]
:iconghosttypeplz: Shadow Sneak [The user extends its shadow and attacks the target from behind. This move always goes first.]
:iconnormaltypeplz: Fury Swipes [The target is raked with sharp claws or scythes for two to five times in quick succession.]
:icondarktypeplz: Sucker Punch [Only works if the target is about to use a damaging move.]
:iconbugtypeplz: Spider Web [Prevents the target from leaving battle.]

:iconpoisontypeplz: Poison Jab (TM) [Has a 30% chance to poison the target.]
:iconnormaltypeplz: Round (TM) [Has double power if it's used more than once per turn.]
:iconbugtypeplz: Struggle Bug (TM) [Has a 100% chance to lower the target's Special Attack by one stage.]

:bulletpurple:Favorite berry flavor: Spicy

:bulletpurple:House: Cordelia

:bulletpurple:School Schedule: (Uuuh let's see if I do this right. /o/)

• History
• Battle
• Math (II)
• Writing
• Science
• Health and Sex Ed

• Music
• Tech Ed
• Contest
• Home Economics


:bulletred: Cordelia Prefect Badge
:bulletred: Glee Club Badge (I still need it. XD)


:bulletred: Headphones (He always wearing a pair of headphones, and often buys new ones to match his current outfit.)
:bulletred: Pink Bow (A bow his girlfriend, Ginny, gave him around Valentines day.)
:bulletred: Collar (The black 'stripe' around his neck is actually a collar, not part of his markings.)
:bulletred: Tape (He uses this to wrap up his horn and mandibles, as a safety precaution.)


:bulletred: His father is a Shiny Flygon, from a very 'high-breed, upper-class' family of sorts. They own a chain of 5-star restraunts and he's a chef himself. His mother is an Ariados, like him. She's a fashion designer.

:bulletred: He likes giving younger, smaller Pokemon rides on his back.

:bulletred: Due to his ability Insomnia, he never sleeps. And due to this, he will always have black bags under his eyes.

:bulletred: Teivel means "Devil" in Yiddish and Ragno comes from the Italian word for "Spider."

:bulletred: He is capable of walking on walls and other surfaces that are not flat, due to his spider traits, but it looks rather awkward and he tries to avoid doing it.

:bulletred: He is happily dating Ginny Maroviz.

:bulletred: He now shares a Double Dorm at the school with Ginny.

:bulletred: Is allergic to feline Pokemon and has a slight dislike for bird Pokemon.

:bulletred: His mouth and such are the same color as his hair/eyes and stuff. Purple-ish. His blood is also the same shade.

:bulletred: He's a vegetarian.

:bulletred: One of his TM moves, Poison Jab, was a gift from his mom. Normally he would learn this move at level 50, but she gave it to him so he could know it sooner. In a way to help him both better control and get over his problems he has with his poison typing.

:bulletred: His mother has a twin sister, who also has a son. Which makes him Tei's cousin, but genetically they'd be considered half brothers. His name is Levi and he attends StMortiel, Armonias rival school.
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