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Time to have some fun~
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RP Groups and Characters





Can we RP? Most definitely! Though I will only do so with other group members, and can only do Comment or Chat rps currently! Or Twitter if I'm on there. Feel free to ask if you wanna, though! c:

*means future characters with no apps yet

Good Night Meadows


Good Night Meadows is the name of my ranch in the group, PKMNation. I specialize in the above types, though the first two more-so than Fire. It's more of a secondary type. I also have many canine Pokemon, even if they don't fit my types! Any information regarding my ranch, or if you'd like to inquire about breeding, can be found below. This box is more of a 'preview' and quick guide to my ranch more than anything. I also have a gym! I'm always open to challengers, but there is a wait list.

Currently Seeking: Dark/Steel Fusion Shiny Morph Shinx

Important Links

what the hecky else should I put in here


Dec 21, 2014
10:28 am
Dec 21, 2014
10:03 am
Dec 21, 2014
9:03 am
Dec 21, 2014
4:08 am
Dec 20, 2014
9:17 pm



pulls up Gardevoir on Bulbapedia because wanted to take a break from other stuff and maybe evole some nation 'mons 

2 deviants said omfg japanese names sometimes tho
No deviants said specifically my dark ralts but
No deviants said gardevoirs japanese name
No deviants said gardevoirs japanses name??????
No deviants said it 'Sirknight'
No deviants said SIRKNIGHT
No deviants said wtf is Gallade fffff isn't gallade the 'sirknight' why did you even give gardevoir a male alternative if that's what it's name pffft
No deviants said oh wow Gallade your boring 'Erureido' that sounds like a real name

My page is still in wip stages dont' mind me

Sushi Dog Custom Fund: 1,448/4,000

Amanda | 20 | Gender Symbols - Female by TwinkJinx | ♑ | INFP
Hi there! I'm a dumb butt who likes Video Games, Computers, Food and Animals. My favorite color is purple and I'm obsessed with spiders. I have social anxiety and paranoid fits, so I'm not the most social person around. But don't be afraid to talk to me. c: I try to at least answer all my comments, but if I don't, please don't be offended I just didn't know what to say! D: I also could just be being lazy about responding. I'm also a lazy butt.

All watchers get a Llama as thanks~! ;3
Warning I abuse polls a lot.

Programs: Photoshop Cs5, FireAlpaca, SAI
Current Tablet: Intuos Pen Small

My theme song. ;D

:iconsoulorbit: <- Dumb sister

3DS Friend Code: 3780-9305-3165
Nintendo Network ID: ShadowHoundoom Doomy
Subeta: Doomy
Neopets: aaa123202
Skype: It's broken

"Be a Richard, not a Dick~"

Art Status

No Requests by SweetDukeTrades - Friends Only by SweetDuke
Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDukePoint Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDuke

Things I need to do:

Art Trades:
AlphaPhantomhive (
DescaKlang (
Azailiathefox ( &

Contest Prize for Ultra-Adeline

Refs for PKMNation

People that owe me art:

LabonBull - Art Trade /my half done

Stais - Commission? /paid

Pannzilla - Art Trade /my half done

AlphaPhantomhive - Art Trade /my half not done

Random Watcher Features

Star + Dangles Divider (BlkPur) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

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At the beginning of each month, I will use a random number generator and pick one of my watchers from the watcher list by what number they are in the list at the time.


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